The Italian nurse took off her mask and wrote: tired, but not giving up

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As the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread in Italy, health workers on the ground are battling the virus.A 23-year-old Italian nurse posted on social media what she looked like when she took off her respirator, leaving deep red marks on her face.Alessia Bonari is a young female nurse in Italy who works in a hospital in milan, Italy.Health workers have to work long hours in protective clothing and face masks because of the severe outbreak.Alesia posted a picture of herself taking off her mask on Instagram on Monday, showing the red marks on her face.Alesia wrote that she felt very tired after working for a long time wearing protective gear.

Alesia said she was scared, too, "worried that the mask wouldn't protect her face, or that she might accidentally touch her with dirty gloves, or that the goggles wouldn't cover her eyes, or something else."

Alesia also said it was uncomfortable to work in the suit. "it made me sweat, and once I was in it, I couldn't go to the bathroom or drink water for six hours," she said.

Tired and scared, alesia says she will continue to work because it is her responsibility."I feel very tired. All my colleagues have been in the same state as me for weeks, but that doesn't stop us from working.Alesia says she still loves her job, is proud and will do her best to take care of every patient.

Alesia also called on the public to respect the hard work of medical workers, and urged people to follow strict rules and stay at home.

Alesia's post received hundreds of thousands of comments from thumb up users, who thanked her for her courage.


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