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How to choose a novel coronavirus mask?

Masks have been worn since Beijing more than two years ago.There are many types of masks, and all types of 3M masks have been tried.In fact, people wearing masks mainly solve three problems:1. Whether it can effectively filter PM2.52. Try to ensure comfortable wearing3. Make sure the filtration effect is good and the breathing is as smooth as possibleAbout 1, a lot of posts have written, is to find KN95, or N95 above the standard mask can be worn.Actually the European standard of FFP2, FFP3 is also ok.About 2, this is very particular, the shape of the mask, wearing way will affect the wearing comfort.The best performers were 3M 9322 and 9332.Why?Because of the comfort and mask and skin contact area, contact shape, and elastic band elastic synthesis.Under the condition of proper tightness, the larger the mask fits the skin, the more comfortable it is to wear, and the more consistent the mask shape is with the face, the more comfortable it is to wear.There are several shapes of PM2.5 on the marketA. ear hook test.Such masks are not suitable for long wear.Because the elastic bands are attached to the ears, wearing them for more than 10 minutes can be very uncomfortable.And while the nose is shaped by strips of aluminum, it is not cushioned by foam.Wear for a long time will be the face out of the mark.


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