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United you, me and him, work together for the world." On the morning of March 26, a truck full of 50,000 N95 masks set off from Dongguan safety mask Co., Humen Town, and headed for UNICEF in Shenzhen Baoan The logistics warehouse in the bonded area is then sent by air to the headquarters warehouse in Copenhagen, Denmark, to support the global new covid-19 pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work.It is reported that the new crown pneumonia swept the world, and UNICEF urgently purchased protective masks, protective clothing and other materials around the world. Shikang Protection and its agent, Shenzhen Digital Exhibition E-Commerce Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid because it met the international standards of production and procurement. Among them, the first batch of 220,000 pieces, the second batch of 280,000, the third batch of 700,000, will be delivered in batches within this year."After receiving the first batch of orders on March 15th, we followed the" two shifts "working model, with full power at 24 hours and full production." kevin, the person in charge of Shikang Protection introduced, while assisting the local government The company quickly solved the problems of insufficient staff and shortage of raw material meltblown cloth. At the same time, Shikang Protection also actively cooperated with Shenzhen Digital Exhibition to do the inner packaging and outer packaging work. "The manual of the mask needs not only the English version, but also the Spanish version and the French version, so it is necessary to urgently arrange professional customization." Sun Yong, the person in charge of shenzhen Digital Exhibition, introduced the size of the box, packaging film, and pallet. The specifications must also meet UNICEF standards. Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, as a company specializing in the production of N95 protective masks, snowflake-like emergency calls for orders across the country have rushed to the surface. Despite the difficulties in resuming work, Shikang Protection has continued to rush to make N95 masks and to produce them. "It is incumbent on mask manufacturers to control the epidemic situation." kevin said that due to limited production capacity, the company's current N95 masks, in addition to preferentially protecting domestic first-line medical personnel and first-line manufacturers of ships and aircraft In addition to workers, it also exports to Italy, South Korea and other countries with severe epidemics.


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