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British prime minister's first night in ICU

British prime minister Boris Johnson was admitted to intensive care unit (ICU) on the evening of April 6 after his condition deteriorated with COVID 19.

World leaders, including US President Donald trump, have expressed their concerns and wishes.

Mr Trump said he had sent "the best company" to help Mr Johnson, his good friend, weather the storm.

Michael Gove, the cabinet minister, told LBC radio this morning that Mr Johnson was not on a ventilator but was receiving "oxygen support".

Mr. Gove said the government would make a formal statement if the prime minister's condition changed.

Johnson, who was in the ICU, was receiving oxygen but not the endotracheal intubation that is common in the ICU, The Times reported, citing hospital sources.

Johnson's current oxygen intake is said to be lower than the normal intake for critically ill patients.

The source said Johnson needed four liters of oxygen, compared with the normal 15 liters for critically ill patients, suggesting he appears to be in better health than a typical critically ill patient.

Johnson's condition "has not changed" since his first night in intensive care, Reuters reported Thursday.


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