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Japan enters "state of emergency" prime minister economy faces biggest crisis since world war ii

Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe today declared a "state of emergency" in seven prefectures, including Kyoto, for a month.

Under Japan's special measures law, the prefecture can announce measures after a state of emergency, including requiring residents to stop going out unnecessarily, closing all schools, shutting down high-traffic businesses and public facilities, and canceling sports and recreational activities.

However, Mr. Abe also noted, "there will be no closure measures like those taken overseas."

Under the special measures act, the government cannot force the suspension of rail and road traffic, nor can it ban people from working in companies.

Moreover, Mr Abe stressed that Japan's economy was facing its biggest crisis since the second world war, and the longest-serving post-world war ii prime minister said there would be a bigger stimulus package to deal with the impact of the outbreak.

Japan reported 242 new confirmed cases today, bringing the total to 4,340.

In Tokyo, 80 new cases were confirmed that day, the sixth consecutive day of more than 80 cases.

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