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Suitable choice of mask

  1. Choose the right type of maskMedical protective masks should be the first choice for medical workers, and non-fat gauze masks should be the first choice for ordinary citizens.In special occasions, such as medical treatment and visiting patients, ordinary citizens had better also choose surgical masks.

   2. Choose a qualified maskWhen choosing a mask, look for the product name on the package, information about the manufacturer or supplier, and the mask certificate or instructions.Disposable masks should also have a disposable label, and reusable surgical masks should also indicate sterilization methods.Generally speaking, the ordinary gauze mask should be marked is the ordinary class or disinfection class.The materials used in the mask should have no peculiar smell and be harmless to the human body, especially the part of the material that the human face contacts, should have no irritant and irritability.

    3. Don't forget to check the appearance when choosing a maskThis is an easy problem to be ignored when we choose a mask. First, we should check whether the package of the mask is complete or not.No holes or stains are allowed on the surface of the mask.Medical protective masks should not have exhalation valves.For the closed arch mask, the transverse diameter shall not be less than 14cm, and the longitudinal diameter shall not be less than 14cm;Medical protective rectangular mask length not less than 17cm, width not less than 17cm;The length and width of a normal degreased gauze mask should be no less than 17cm, 13cm and no less than 12 layers.Also, if you choose a surgical mask, remember to include a nose clip, which is made of a flexible, flexible material no less than 8.5cm in length.

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