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Dust mask and surgical mask

Cao xuejun, deputy director of the consumer goods industry department of the ministry of industry and information technology, said at a press conference on Tuesday,N95 mask refers to the mask with filtration efficiency up to 95% standard, which is divided into two categories: industrial dustproof mask and medical mask.[2]Approaching the N95 mask production line: "workers pack medical-grade N95 masks (photo taken on feb 8).Over the past few days, shenyang shengshi medical technology co., LTD., the only manufacturer of N95 respirators of medical protection grade in liaoning province, has been producing more than 20 hours of respirators every day, ensuring the daily production capacity of more than 20,000 respirators to supply the frontline of epidemic prevention in hubei province and the frontline of epidemic prevention in liaoning province."[3]Industrial dust-proof N95 and KN95 are non-oily particles, and medical N95 is a medical protective mask (not only particles, but also body fluids, etc.).(the xinhua picture in the appendix is "N95" followed by "surgical protective mask"


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