The United States is still short of 270 million masks

Health and human services (HHS) secretary Alex Azar said Tuesday that more infections are likely in the United States and asked a senate committee to approve $2.5 billion in new funding to fight the outbreak.

"While the direct risk to individual americans remains low, there has been community transmission in some countries, which is very concerning," azar told a senate appropriations subcommittee.

He says the recent rapid spread of infections in Iran and Italy is particularly worrying.

"We are working closely with our state, local and private sector partners to prepare to reduce the potential spread of the virus in the United States as we may see more cases here," said azar.

Azar also said the United States needs to expand its production capacity for surgical masks.

He said the United States currently has a stock of 30 million N95 surgical masks, but the department of health and human services estimates that the country needs 300 million masks, leaving a 270 million shortfall.

In fact, the gap in masks in the United States is totally expected. We might as well analyze the reasons in detail:

First of all, the United States, with the world's economy for the first big country, but it is not the core of world manufacturing industry, the workshop of the world has moved to China from the United States, in that case, the United States in fact itself has not many traditional manufacturing, especially the light industry manufacturing masks the comparison basis, before we had special seen reports that China is the world's largest exporter of masks, that is a considerable possibility is the mask of the United States also rely on the mask of export in China.

However, during the critical period of prevention and control in China, the supply and demand of masks are in a tight balance, so the export of masks will not recover in a short time.

Second, let's look at other mask producers.

Masks production all over the world, mostly in Asian countries, in addition to China and Japan, South Korea, but unfortunately, Japan and South Korea is currently faced with the problem is also a face mask in short supply, in this case would be preferred supply their own country, can't meet the demand for masks, so it is also can bring a mask of scarcity.

Third, mask as a kind of has a shelf life of products, often there is a certain time limit, so most of the country is going to mask reserves, so the United States estimates that it is a similar story, mask of reserves is not much, because the mask reserves is not much, mask shelf life is short, so once there is a shortage of large-scale mask demand inevitable mask.

We can see that the United States is already one of the countries with a relatively complete reserve of public health resources, with 30 million masks in reserve. However, this reserve is a drop in the ocean in the face of surging demand, and no amount of reserves of masks can withstand such a large scale of consumption.

On the whole, masks shortages are likely to appear all over the world, the natural is also without the eggs under the same condition, as the world health organization says before, all over the world is in a state of protective material shortage, the state estimation will last quite a long time, hope China reusable respirator listed quickly, now the mask demand is very big.


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